This is an awesome jacket. It, for the most part, fit as expected, but the sleeves were a little more loose than I thought they'd be. The buttons are also a little bit difficult to button, but that issue should resolve with use.


Great denim jacket! A tiny bit larger than expected but just barely. I usually wear only a T-shirt underneath and have some room for another thin long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt or anything similar would be too snug.

Shayna B.23/10/2017

i'm a girl, and i love this jacket. i was looking for something big and spacious and i want to sew patches on it. i ordered the xl like i do nearly everything else but it was ginormous. i love that there are free returns! i reordered the medium and it fits SO well.

Mike Clark22/10/2017

Lots of room around the sleeves, I probably could have gotten a small size. BUT if you plan on wearing sweaters underneath it, I'd get a bigger size like I did. I'm t-shirt size XL, I bought the XXL jean jacket.

M. Still22/10/2017

Very large and heavy but its super comfortable and a great deal for its price, the product is super high quality and is large enough to layer on top of hoodies.